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  • Con

    Material is completely free for whatever use you may ever want to use it for under the terms of the MIT Licence.
  • fully-open-source

    Material's source code is fully open source and is hosted at GitHub (https://github.com/naveenshaji/material/). It is released under the terms of the MIT Licence.
  • material-design

    Material is based on google's material design specifications. duh! All you need to know is that it look solid and feels solid.
  • ease-of-access

    Your blog or website will be hosted on a GitHub repository and therefore, you will be able to just 'commit' new blog posts. Plus you get all the benefits of GitHub if you are making a collaborated blog.
  • hosted-on-github

    Your website/blog can be hosted for free on GitHub, which means you get to take advantage of GitHub's servers which have proven themselves to provide almost 100% uptime.
  • feel-like-hax0r

    Commiting new blogposts written in markdown is sure to give you the feels. Having your blog hosted alongside code will make you feel like a mini-hax0r even if you are not one.
  • write-in-markdown

    WSIWYG are for losers. Markdown ftw!!
  • mit-licence

    Material is released under the terms of the MIT Licence.


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Get an account on fb, and add me -facebook/arjunchakri
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Step - 3 -
Watch animated movies they are great and anything u see and again blah blah.
Step - 4 -
four four four 4 four here here and here too... no no... i cant write anymore...
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material by Arjun-Chakravarthy-Nunugonda
Thanks to Google,MaterializeCSS, Skrollr, Scrolline.js, Jekyll and GitHub.
Github They form an integral part of this project.
And material would not have been possible without open-source frameworks.